Tell Gov. DeSantis how you feel about
SB 280 No limits on occupancy!
No annual inspections!

Call the Governor: (850) 717-9337 dial option 2
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Ask our Governor to consider the implications of this bill.

  • The elimination of Occupancy limitations can cripple the infrastructure of some of our Coastal Communities! Actual population of people residing in these Coastal Communities can increase by up to 35% overnight, hampering law enforcement, sewer and water resources, as well creating traffic congestion and impacting public safety.
  • Eliminates Annual Safety Inspections of vacation rental pool alarms, smoke detectors, adequate egress, etc. All of this can lead to major public safety issues for our visitors!
  • SB 280 is “Pork Chop” Legislation! Why is Flagler County Exempt? No one seems to be able to explain why Flagler County was the only county in the State of Florida to be exempted from this draconian piece of legislation. What we are told is good for the entire State of Florida is not good enough for Flagler!
  • The legislation cannot be adequately enforced-The State does not have the trained resources or the sensitivity to local residential and market needs to enforce this piece of Pork Chop legislation. It takes a “One size fits all” approach, except for Flagler County! 
  • No need exists for this legislation- Cities and counties do not need new enforcement regulations for vacation rentals. The current enforcement methods available under current Florida law are certainly sufficient and effective. 


And then call (850) 717-9337  dial option 2  

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